Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome Groovie Cover Girl

I am Esti Erasmus, 36 years young and in love with life! I’m married to my high school sweetheart and have an amazing 6 year old little girl. We live in Cape Town (sunny South Africa) and I am a work-from-home mom and business owner (unfortunately not scrapbookingL). I am truly blessed in every possible way!

I have been a paper / stamp / glue / sticker / stationary fanatic since I can remember! I bought my first stamp in 1986 (my daughter now stamps her designs with it!) and when I discovered Scrapbooking 12 years ago I found a place to live every dream I ever imagined – it was love at first sight (or shall I say first purchaseJ). My scrapbook style is inspired by the product I work with and I LOVE playing around with different techniques and new toys. Browsing all the sites and blog-hopping is a favorite past-time for inspiration and to learn new techniques and ideas and meet scrap-buddies all over the world.

I am a freelance teacher and designer for a few scrapbook shops and manufacturers and teaching other enthusiasts (aka addictsJ) new ways to fall in love with the art of scrapbooking is one of the best parts of teaching! I also enjoy off-the-page projects and card making (sooo many stunning leftovers I just have to use!). Love sharing ideas, techniques and sketches.

Scrapbooking plays a vital part in my life, it is my legacy to my daughter…………..hope she has a BIG house to store all the albums one day :P


  1. Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I hope - no, I KNOW - we can inspire creativity and endless hours of play:). Thank you for the opportunity to be a Groovie Cover Girl!! I told my friends it's official - I'm now a Cover Girl - I can still hear the giggles:) x x Esti

  2. We're truly excited to have on board Esti :)
    and we're sure you'll be an inspiration for all our Friends and woohoo...Cover Girl indeed! and a Groovie one too! hehe...

    have fun Dear :)